Communication, Culture, Information and Technology Internship Courses

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CCT409H5 Special Topics in Work-Based Learning

Course Overview:

An advanced unpaid field placement working on specially designed projects that explore collaborative, collective and global approaches to practical knowledge application. The placements may include international internships, collaborative group internships and community-based initiatives. The projects may vary from year to year depending on the external partners. Students will engage with others in the course through an online class component and complete individual reports and critical evaluations of the work experience.

PrerequisiteMinimum 13.0 credits and minimum CGPA of 2.5.
Exclusion: CCT411H5

CCT410H5 Communication, Culture, Information and Technology Internship Course

Course Overview:

Many students at CCIT plan to take an internship as part of their degree. Internships provide a valuable learning experience by giving students a look at the day-to-day operations of an actual company or institution. Most importantly, internships provide opportunities for students to network and make future job contacts with companies in their area of interest. Knowledge, maturity and people skills are all significant by-products of the CCIT internship program. We try to serve as matchmakers if you let us know what kind of position interests you. Internships also are found through word-of-mouth and personal contacts. You can always contact a company or organization of interest and see if they employ interns or would consider it. To successfully complete a full credit of internship, the student is required to fulfill a work commitment of 200 hours on site (which is approximately equivalent to one day per week of the academic year). Students will register for a half credit at a time. The scheduling of the work commitment is completely flexible, and is to be worked out by mutual agreement between the student and the employer.

Prerequisites: Completion of 13.0 credits and permission of the instructor.

CCT413H5 Work Integrated Learning (IDM)

Course Overview:

This course provides students with the opportunity to apply disciplinary-based knowledge to practical problems in the real work world. Students will complete a minimum of 100 hours of project work through one of the following: an unpaid internship, a faculty research project, a not-for-profit or an industry-based project. The objective is for students to integrate discipline-based content with real world problems while developing professional acumen. Students will be required to keep a reflective learning journal based on their personal, professional and intellectual growth, as well as produce a final report on the completion of their placement or project.

Prerequisite: A minimum of 13.0 credits.

Exclusion: CCT410H5

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