BIO400Y Biology Internship Course

A female student working on an experiment in a lab. The Biology Department regrets to inform students that the BIO400 Internship Course will not be offered in the 2017-2018 year. We understand that many students look forward to our internship course and it is unfortunate that students will not be able to take advantage of the experience. Students may wish to consider taking BIO481 instead.

Course Overview:

Through a part-time, unpaid, 200-hour work placement, fourth-year students apply biology content and skills. Placements are made throughout the GTA in both the private (e.g. pharmaceutical or biotech companies) or public (e.g. Peel Region Medical Office, hospitals, Great Lakes Laboratory) sector. Biweekly class meetings plus year-end report and presentation are required. Students in a biology specialist program are given priority.  Please see the Experiential Education Office (DV 3208D) or the Biology Undergraduate Advisor for more information.

Prerequisite: Fourth year standing in Biology Specialist or Major Program, 3.0 CGPA and P.I.  BIO399Y, if taken, must be completed in the summer prior to the start of BIO400Y.

Exclusion: ENV400Y5BIO481Y5JCB487Y5

For further information, please contact one of the following:

Steven Chatfield, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
Office: DV 3003
Phone: (905) 569-4327

Diane Matias, Undergraduate Advisor
Office: DV 3057
Phone: (905) 828-3999

For application related inquiries, please contact:

Stephanie do RegoAssistant to the Chair and Undergraduate Assistant
Office: DV 3056
Phone:  (905) 828-3876