Academic Internships

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Our Academic Internship courses are designed to supplement classroom learning with practical work-based experience with leading organizations and supervisors within the City of Mississauga and the Region of Peel. These courses are offered to motivated third- and fourth-year undergraduate students with specialized knowledge in their field to work for 100-200 hours of high quality, unpaid, university sponsored work.
Academic Internships are credit-bearing, career-related work experiences tied to learning outcomes and allow students to acquire the experience and skills necessary to obtain a satisfying job upon graduation.  Academic Internships may take place in a non-profit organization, government office, or a for-profit business.  Academic Internships include mentoring and supervision by a professional in the field, and are offered in almost every career area by employers who recognize the importance of on-the-job training, and who often groom their most promising candidates for full-time positions.
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We Offer:

  • Structured work experience related to a student's program and/or career goal
  • Supervision by a professional in the field
  • Full or Half Year course credit in fourth year
  • Direct application of knowledge to the job
  • Experience that enhances a student's academic, career and personal/professional development
  • Opportunity that has been agreed upon by the organization and supervisor to meet learning outcomes
  • Excellent experience to include in a resume or CV
  • Job search, resume writing, oral and written communication and presentation skills development
  • Chance to explore career options
  • Networking opportunities

The knowledge and enthusiasm of third and fourth year undergraduate students is harnessed under supervision for projects or work experience over varying time frames and helps to build their experience toward a prospective career path.

Please note: Not all students who apply to an internship course are accepted. The accepted students are not garanteed to be placed with their first choice, but will participate in a thorough, thoughtful and meaningful experience with one of our many partners.