Contract Information

Students admitted to the Research Opportunity Program (ROP) must fulfill all requirements as set out and established at the beginning of the project. The purpose of the contract is to clarify the responsibilities of the supervisor, assisting team (TA/RA, etc.), and student for the duration of the project.

Project Requirements

  1. Each student must keep a *journal to record meetings, the progress of their work, what was learned in the project, and the nature of the research in general. This will serve to provide the supervisor with an ongoing record of the student's progress in the project and aid in evaluation at the end of the project.

    • *A journal may be optional for 399 and 499 projects; however, some form of record-keeping as assessment is required in order to adequately provide the student with a mid-term and final evaluation.

  2. At minimum, students are to meet with their supervisor bi-monthly and are to keep a record of these meetings in their journal.

  3. Students are required to attend all demonstrations, orientations, and training sessions, etc. that the supervisor may require.

  4. In addition to the student journal, it is recommended that students submit a two-page interim report detailing and outlining their research experience before mid-terms marks are assigned. Equally, the supervisor will complete a written assessment of the student’s progress and discuss with the student BEFORE THE DEADLINE TO DROP COURSES WITHOUT PENALTY.

    • Additional work in some form, including the *journal, should constitute at least 50% of the final grade.

  5. Final grades will be numeric.

  6. The supervisor is to provide a grading scheme/marks evaluation breakdown as part of the contract in accordance with the University of Toronto Grading Practices Policy and inter-Departmental policy/procedure.

  7. There is no final examination in ROP courses.

  8. Students are not permitted to be registered in multiple ROP courses within the same session.

    • Single Fall registration, not permitted to register in additional Fall & Fall/Winter opportunity;

    • Single Winter registration, not permitted to register in additional Winter & Fall/Winter opportunity;

    • Single Fall/Winter registration, not permitted to register in additional Fall; Winter & Fall/Winter opportunity;

    • Only permitted to register in one Summer opportunity

  9. Students are permitted to register in multiple 299/399/499 opportunities provided they are not taken at the same time.

  10. Students are not able to register in ROP courses on their own, this process occurs through the UTM Experiential Education Unit and Office of the Registrar during the normal registration period.

  11. Students are required to pay all course tuition on time or risk removal from their ROP course.

  12. Students are required to provide room for their ROP course registration either through thoughtful course registration in other courses or through a petition for course overload which is to be discussed with the Office of the Registrar first. Once approved, students are required to inform the ROP Coordinator in the UTM Experiential Education Unit immediately.

  13. By signing this contract the signatories agree to abide by the terms and conditions as set out in this contract on the date of signing. Any disputes to the contract are to be discussed first with the supervisor. Subsequent discussions are to take place with the ROP Coordinator in the UTM Experiential Education Unit.

  14. The contract including the time commitment must be agreed upon prior to the start of any work in the course/project.