Call for Members to join Executive Committee

Call for UTM Local Members to Volunteer for Executive Committee

This is an open call for Executive Committee members for the Mississauga Local Chapter of Connections and Conversations.

To put your name forward to be a volunteer member of this Executive Committee, please keep in mind the following expectations:

  • You will need to be able to volunteer an average of 5 hours every month
  • The term of your appointment will be for 1 year and there will be a possibility of renewal
  • Eligibility: Open to all staff both full and part-time on the Mississauga campus.  This includes all levels of USW and other union groups, and members of the PM, Confidential, and RA / SRA groups

Duties will include:  

  • Leadership and operational management of activities for the Mississauga Local Chapter such as organizing and running bi-monthly meetings
  • Overseeing the Mississauga Local Chapter budget
  • Committed to finalizing and implementing the Mississauga Local Chapter Draft Priorities
  • Organizing and supporting sub-committees that will be determined (i.e. Events; Strategy; Communications; Mentorship + Career)
  • Liaising with the Events Sub-Committee for upcoming events for the Mississauga Local Chapter
  • Attending periodically the Tri-Campus Steering Committee meeting for confidential consultation and discussion

If you are interested in volunteering for this Executive Committee, please send your name, job title, and a short paragraph (100-200 words) that outlines why you want to be on this committee to the email address: Please use the subject heading: Volunteer for the UTM Local Executive Committee.