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U ofT stduent heading to the UNEashan Karnik

As the United Nations strives to build a more equitable, peaceful and ecofriendly world, it can count on help from some new allies: 14 determined, forward-thinking students from U of T.

Next month, the students from U of T Mississauga will share their input on some of the world’s most pressing problems at the UN’s 2017 Winter Youth Assembly.<<read more>>

Asha BulingRon Buling
Every weekday morning, Professor Ron Buling’s five-year-old daughter Asha powers her wheelchair onto a bus – by herself – and goes to school. Seeing her do this always makes Buliung proud, but it can also remind him of the stress and long hours that went into making this seemingly simple travel arrangement.<<read more>>

Trevor PorterTrevor Porter
A U of T Mississauga geography professor is mining the past for information about the long-reaching impacts of atmospheric mercury contamination.
As a paleoclimatologist and biogeographer, Trevor Porter examines the stable isotopes found in leaf waxes, permafrost and tree rings for information about the climate of a particular time. Often, that means digging through layers of semi-frozen muck in Alaska, searching for clues about carbon dioxide levels during the Pleistocene era, but a new project has Porter examining events closer to our own time. <<read more>>

Laurel and RandyLaurel Besco and Randy Besco
Professor Laurel Besco in UTM’s Department of Geography, Geomatics and Environment was delighted when she received news while overseas at a conference this summer that she was a recipient of the latest round of funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Insight Development Grant competitions. Even more delightful: she was not the only one in her family to achieve SSHRC success this summer.<<read more>>

Andrew FenechAndrew Fenech
Whether they’re in residence or online, U of T Mississauga students struggling with stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues have more ways than ever to get help.<<read more>>

Andrew and KevinKevin Jakiela & Andrew Orawiec
The charm of the Canadian Arctic has stolen the hearts of two U of T Mississauga graduate students who are now planning careers North of 60.<<read more>>

Oliver StoryAndrea Olive
The environmental is political and you can’t have one without the other. Understanding that crucial relationship is the theme of a new book by U of T Mississauga assistant professor of political science and geography Andrea Olive.<<read more>>

Laurel BescoLaurel Besco
Frequent travellers will be familiar with the little cards, usually propped up on a hotel’s bathroom counter, that encourage guests to help save energy by reusing their towels. Those cards sparked the interest of Laurel Besco, an assistant professor of geography at U of T Mississauga, who wondered how and why the hospitality industry chose to take on energy efficiency when there was no legislation requiring them to act.<<read more>>

Ulrich KrullUlrich Krull
Professor Ulrich Krull has been named interim vice-president and principal of UTM for a one-year term, effective Sept. 1, 2016, to Aug. 31, 2017, or until the appointment of a new vice-president and principal. Governing Council approved the appointment at its May 19 meeting.<<read more>>

Mohan MatthenMohan Matthen
U of T Mississauga faculty members, staff and students came out Wednesday to fête UTM authors at its annual Celebration of Books.<<read more>>

Stephen ScharperStephen Scharper
At the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris this past November, Canada strove to redefine itself as a global leader in the race to avert calamitous climate change. But if Canada really wants to lead, its efforts must extend beyond meetings of nations.<<read more>>

Sara HughesSara Hughes
How can city governments solve the problem of climate change? That’s the question U of T Mississauga’s Sara Hughes seeks to answer as she investigates how three major cities—Toronto, New York and Los Angeles—are delivering on ambitious pledges to improve sustainability.<<read more>>

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