New publication from DougAdapt project

Wednesday, August 29, 2012 - 2:15pm
Ingo Ensminger
Progress in understanding adaptation to drought in conifer trees just published in TREES - STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION

The paper "Tree ring isotopic composition, radial increment and height growth reveal provenance-specific reactions of Douglas-fir towards environmental parameters" by Kirstin Jansen, Jakob Sohrt, Ulrich Kohnle, INGO ENSMINGER and Arthur Gessler was just published in "Trees - Structure and Function". The group studied growth and stable isotope composition in Douglas fir trees in a provenance trial experiment along an environmental gradient. Their results show that there is significant variation in drought sensitivity in different provenances, but most importantly, that provenances with the lowest long-term height growth were the ones least affected by the extreme drought event of 2003.