New manuscript from the Ensminger lab accepted by BMC Genomics

Monday, August 15, 2016 - 10:04am
New paper accepted by BMC Genomics on Douglas fir transcriptome dynamics in 50 year old trees

Work lead by PhD student Moritz was accepted by BMC Genomics today. The paper auhtored by Moritz Hess, Henning Wildhagen, Laura Junker and Ingo Ensminger compares transcriptome dynamics of two different Douglas-fir provenances in order to understand how interior Douglas-fir differs from coastal Douglas-fir in response to environmental stresses. The paper "Transcriptome responses to temperature, water availability and photoperiod are conserved among mature trees of two divergent Douglas-fir provenances from a coastal and an interior habitat" will soon become available at the BMC Genomics website