February 10, 2012: Experimental Warming Array installation started

Thursday, February 10, 2011 - 2:24pm

Finally! The installations for a new field experiment have begun. If everything goes well, the Ensminger lab will be able to use a new Experimental Warming Array at the Koffler Scientific Reserve in spring 2012. 6 heated and 6 control plots will provide a great opportunity to set up experiments where we will study the effect of elevated temperature on the phenology and physiology of conifers. The heated plots will experience increased temperature by about 2.5 degrees over the course of the year and will help simulate future warmer climate. More info on the Koffler scientific reserve can be found at http://ksr.utoronto.ca/. The project is funded by an award of CFI/LOF to Ingo Ensminger.

Planting pine seedlings

Warming array phase II at KSR - Christine and Alyssa planting pine seedlings in May 2012.

Foreground: Warming array phase I, operated by Art Weis and his group.