Genomics and Forestry

Check out how genomics benefits forests and the forestry industry with this short cartoon from Ontario Genomics


Jobs in Forestry in Canada
(Industry, Research, Postdocs, Grad students)

Canadian Forests Website job postings

Centre d'étude de la fôret (Industrym, research, postdoc, Phd, masters)



Ensminger Lab resources

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KSR Phenocam

Doing research at KSR


Plant Physiology Resources

PrometheusWiki: A wiki for PROtocols, METHods, Explanations and Updated Standards in Ecological and Environmental Plant Physiology

ASPB - American Society of Plant Biologists

CSPB - Canadian Society of Plant Biologists (Former Canadian Society of Plant Physiologists)

Photosynthesis online (link collection hosted at University of Illinois)

Online Textbook Plants in Action (a really cool online resource)


Tree Genomics Databases






Dendrome project





Other Plant Databases and Tools

Plant Transcription Factor Database

QuantPrime - Primer design tool for high-throughput qPCR

BAR The Bioanalytic-Resource for Plant Biology


Gene Expression Tools

Gene expression atlas


Nurseries and seed resources

Canada's National Tree Seed Centre


Sommerville Seedlings, ON


www resources for protocols and procedures Lots of info on chromatography, includes great section on HPLC trouble shooting Frequently asked questions about in vivo chlorophyll fluorescence: practical issues. A very useful guide to Chlrophyll fluorescence for beginners



VassarStats: Website for Statistical Computation

Statistics at the Khan Academy website



BMC Genomics

BMC Plant Biology

Functional Plant Biology (Australian Journal of Plant Physiology)

Global Change Biology

Journal of Experimental Botany

Nature Climate Change

New Phytologist



Plant Biology

Molecular and Ecology Resources

Plant, Cell & Environment

Plant Physiology

Photosynthesis Research

Physiologia Plantarum

The Plant Journal

TIPS (Trends in Plant Science)

Tree Physiology

Trees - Structure and Function

Book Series Advances in Photosynthesis and respiration (most books available as free PDF download)


Featured Articles, Webtools, Broadcast on Climate Change

Regional, national and international climate modeling for Canada and the United States (link to Natural Resources Canada website):

Climate Change Mapping Tool for Ontario (link to Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources website):

CNN on trees and climate change -

Tim O Brien,2012, Which Species will live?


Equipment, Field supplies

Greenhouse supplies (lights, fertilizer)

Rittenhouse Supply of commercial gardening and greenhouse equipment and tools

TIMM ENTERPRISES LTD., Horticulture, Agriculture and Forestry Supplies

Universal Field Supplies (Forestry & Tree Planting supllies, outdoor and field equipment)