Raves for Theatre Erindale - Picnic

Theatre Erindale's "Picnic"


Raves for
Theatre Erindale’s

Theatre Erindale's "Picnic"

Kansas, 1952: a dashing drifter, a beautiful girl, and the last day of summer

“ Hot and sweaty tale of young love in late summer. It won a Pulitzer.”

Metroland Media

“Cathartic … William Inge’s PICNIC captured all the tensions; status barriers and self-doubts of the teenaged … Theatre Erindale and director Patrick Young have caught the essence of the era and emerging adult responsibilities … Roberto Esteves … is the kid we all desired but never dated, back then.… Eilish Waller brings credibility and realism to her interpretation – a potential volcano…. Hannah Ehman owns the play … visceral and realistic. The gut-wrenching scene where she begs Zulauf to marry her is as intense as theatre gets.… Laura McCallun is forceful yet understated. Demanding the best for and from her daughters, she never resorts to histrionics…. The audience is left emotionally drained.”

Ontario Arts Review

“Roberto Esteves stars as former college football star Hal Carter, who, right from his first line, exudes a charm and charisma that lights up the stage—not to mention that he’s topless for most of the first act.… Waller and Esteves have a mesmerizing chemistry and carry off this romantic relationship perfectly…. Olivia Orton … gave an all-or-nothing stellar performance…. Hannah Ehman – from a drunken dance with Hal to a desperate plea to Howard Bevans to marry her – captured the audience’s attention in every scene.”

The Medium