Kaitlyn Matthews

Student Spotlight: Kaitlyn Matthews Winner of the Harold Sonny Ladoo Award

The Department of English & Drama is delighted to recognize Kaitlyn Matthews who received the 2023 Harold Sonny Ladoo Book Prize for her outstanding creative writing poetry collection called There Is A Time For Us, Also.

There Is A Time For Us, Also is extraordinary. This collection of poems grips readers with its powerful voice and compelling point of view. The poems all experiment with different tones and forms, each standing on its own and building toward a unified whole. At once deeply imaginative and deeply real, the poems ground themselves in the tangible details of everyday life even as they transport you to other worlds. We can't wait to see more from Kaitlyn Matthews!

"Being a part of the English and Drama department at UTM has been an incredible experience. This program has provided so many opportunities to develop skills and practice in creative writing these past few years. Most memorably, I have been able to meet other students and find a supportive community to grow in my writing."