Jestina Hajjar

Student Spotlight: Jestina Hajjar Winner of the R.W. Van Fossen Award in English

The Department of English & Drama is excited to recognize Jestina Hajjar who received the 2023 R.W. Van Fossen Award in English.

“I really enjoyed the care that Professors put into their teaching. They got to know us on a human level, and pushed me to excel as a writer. I appreciated the range of discussion, and delving deep into issues, and exploring different theories and perspectives. I found my people and my place in English and Drama. This program, especially my upper year seminar courses,  changed the way I think and write. If I could tell my first year self one thing, it would be that it’s ok to change your mind and do what you love. The world needs more English students! The skills we use here are transferable and will be useful in our lives and careers. English is a discipline that intersects with so many others – an example of this is Professor Slater’s AI and Ethics course. There, we combined science, technology, literature and art, asking big questions and thinking critically about how AI impacts our lives. I would also encourage first year students to work as a research assistant! It was a great experience!”