Chris Koeng-Woodyard

Faculty Feature: Dr. Chris Koenig-Woodyard: Bringing thoughtfulness and passion to gothic literature

Dr. Koenig-Woodyard talks about being open to change, connecting with students, and how staying up-to-date with trends informs his teaching.

While many may associate English classes with Shakespeare, too many readings, and sheer boredom, Dr. Koenig-Woodyard’s classes breathe new life into the experience of being an English major. In his 20 years of teaching in the Department of English and Drama at UTM, Dr. Koenig-Woodyard has covered a vast array of topics, including monsters, Lady Gaga, Dungeons and Dragons, Jane Austen, and Stranger Things, with some of his primary focuses being gothic literature and monster studies. His passion for gothic and romantic literature began during his undergraduate studies, when he encountered the unfinished Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem, Christabel

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