For Immediate Release November 4, 2015

Theatre Erindale Rocks the Canoe!

[Mississauga ON, November 2015] Theatre Erindale continues its "Silver Season" this month with an exploration of Canadian sexuality past and present that is both hilarious and provocative. From goofy sex scandals involving German strippers and top-secret documents to the battle between feminist activists and pornographers, or from the infamous bath-house raids to today's fascination with trans-gender identities, there's plenty here to get you hot and bothered. This World Première collective adaption is inspired by Jeff Pearce's HOW TO MAKE LOVE IN A CANOE, from Folklore Publishing (the title comes from Pierre Berton's definition of a Canadian as "someone who knows how to make love in a canoe"). It runs February 12-22 at the Erindale Studio Theatre.

Have we really undone the buttons of our prudish past? Newlywed director Melissa Jane Shaw (She Shoots, She Scores!) has run the gamut from founding theatre companies to teaching pole-dancing. "It’s amazing to note just how much the culture around sex has changed even in the 17 years since I was in Erindale’s 3rd year class," she says. "While what you'll watch in this production is largely a sketch-comedy style variety show, there is also some heavy and contentious material. It’s the theatre, we aim to challenge!"

The cast of 25 is one of the largest in Theatre Erindale history. Convinced that their show will be different from any of the company's previous collective adaptations, they have tackled their task with relish. In addition to searching for ways to adapt the text into theatrical terms and researching issues that have come up since its publication, the actors are not only performing but providing both the choreography and the live musical accompaniment. "This class has brought incredible insight, research, passion and sheer talent to the table," says Ms. Shaw. "One of my biggest challenges was properly showcasing them all." To help narrow down the material, they focussed on three themes: Pride. Progress. Education.

The show runs November 12-22 at the Erindale Studio Theatre on the UTM campus. Single tickets are $12 or $18, and Parking in Lot 1 or the CCT Garage is $6.00. Mississauga Transit Routes 44 and 110 will take you to the campus. Needless to say, there is sexual content (!); audiences should also be prepared for coarse language and partial nudity. For further information, call the Box Office at 905-569-4369 or visit Image indicates that adjacent link to the right opens a new window .

Contact: Melissa Jane Shaw at 416-573-9475 or

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Poster for How to Make Love in a Canoe
Jeff Pearce & Folklore Publishing
adapted by the Company
under the direction of Melissa Jane Shaw
The comical story of sex in Canada – a Theatre Erindale World Première
Preview November 12; Opening Nov 13; runs Nov 14 and 19-22
Thurs 7:30; Fri 8:00; Sat 2:00 & 8:00; Sun 22 November 2:00
Erindale Studio Theatre
(UTM 3 lights north of Dundas off Mississauga Road)
Image indicates that adjacent link to the right opens a new window or 905-569-4369