Fefu and Her Friends


From the director:

Fefu and Her Friends is a humorous, perplexing and provocative play that has informed and influenced a generation of artists since its creation. Its subtle integration of sexuality, love between women, and complex critique of narrative plot, gender roles, and society’s perception of mental illness make it as important as it was when first performed 45 years ago. Audiences will find themselves playfully disoriented by a colourful cast of characters as we watch them try to control their surroundings and grapple with an ever-present but never seen presence off stage.

Fefu and her friends


            SHOW DATES:

Feb 17,18,19,20 Mar 4,5,6


PERFORMANCES: Opening THURS 7:30PM | FRI 7:30PM | SAT 2:00PM, 7:30PM | SUN 2:00PM

LOCATION: Live from Erindale Studio Theatre Via Vimeo


This production with be streamed live from Erindale Studio Theatre via Vimeo

A personalized link will get emailed prior to the performance.

The stream will go live 15 minutes prior to show time and the show will begin on time.

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