Institute for Management & Innovation Equity Resources

Interior of UTM's Innovation Complex building

For a summary of equity-based statements and activities, organized by program, please see below:


EDI Statement

ICUBE’s dedication to promoting diversity in our teams includes a commitment to ensuring every cohort accurately reflects the UTM community, welcoming folks of all gender identities, sexual originations, races and ages, and actively creating space for marginalized change-makers and under-represented disciplines. All creators, entrepreneurial thinkers, and leaders are encouraged to apply. Read more »

Additional EDI Initiatives

Master of Science in Sustainability Management (MScSM)

IMI Associate Director and MScSM Program Director Shashi Kant recently created the UTM Equity & Diversity award, which launched in January 2022. Read more »

Master of Urban Innovation (MUI)

Equity-based language in syllabi

MUI encourages all instructors to include the following EDI statement in their course syllabus:

The University of Toronto is committed to equity, human rights and respect for diversity. All members of the learning environment in this course should strive to create an atmosphere of mutual respect where all members of our community can express themselves, engage with each other, and respect one another’s differences. U of T does not condone discrimination or harassment against any persons or communities.

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