New Courses & Special Topics 2019/2020

Monday, June 3, 2019 - 2:48pm



Special Topic: Market Design

Course Description:

The focus of this class is to study how economics can help design market-based mechanisms to solve practical problems. The majority of course focuses on matching markets; in particular, the use of centralized matching mechanisms to assign interns to hospitals, students to schools, kidneys to transplant patients and so on. Additionally, we will study the design of electoral systems, how to use markets to help predict the future and how we can value influencers in social media. In each of these settings, we will begin with a real world application for which economic theory is used to design the market.

Prerequisite:  ECO200Y5/204Y5/206Y5; ECO202Y5/208Y5/209Y5; ECO220Y5/227Y5/STA(256H5+258H5)/STA(256H5+260H5)


Special Topics: Empirical Macroeconomics and Monetary Policy

‚ÄčCompressed format course: first half of the fall semester only

Course Description:

This course builds on material covered in ECO202/208/209, ECO325H, and ECO375/475.  Students will increase their data literacy and learn how to apply techniques to address policy issues. The topics covered will include the practical design of monetary policy, the rationale of current monetary policy in Canada, and statistical methods for predicting key macroeconomic variables. As part of the course, students will follow current global issues and will forecast how domestic and international events may alter the Bank of Canada's monetary policy in the short run.

In addition to individual tasks, students will be divided into groups and work towards a Group Report. Students who complete this course will be considered for participation in the Bank of Canada (BofC) competition “Governor’s Challenge” (

Pre-requisites:   ECO220Y5/ECO227Y5, ECO325H5

Recommended: ECO375H5

Enrolment is limited, and requires Departmental approval. Contact the Economics Undergraduate Advisor for information:

ECO420Y5: Research/Dissertation Course

Research Course: Applied Research in Economics

Course description: This is a 4th year dissertation/research course. This course will be relevant for students considering graduate school or research-based careers. There will be lectures every 2-3 weeks and several one-on-one meetings to discuss research progress (students choose their own topic of interest) throughout the year.  Lectures will be on applied econometrics; the class will read journal articles with interesting models, and discuss their thoughts on the methods/data/results and how it could be applied to their own research. Students will produce a self-directed research paper (dissertation), with possibility publication in a Student Journal of Economics and Political Science at UTM.

Strongly recommended preparation: ECO375H5

Enrolment is limited, and requires Departmental approval. Contact the Economics Undergraduate Advisor for information: