Matthew Stoddard


I received my PhD in 2013 from the Department of Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature at the University of Minnesota. My areas of scholarship include avant-garde cinema, film preservation/restoration, media archaeology, and film theory. The focus of my research is the myriad ways cinema relates to contemporary network culture, with an eye in particular to the aesthetics and politics of what Siegfried Zielinksi calls the “deep time of the media.” I teach in both the programs in Cinema Studies as well as Visual Culture and Communication. All of my courses strive to connect fine-grained analysis of media texts and machines with wide-ranging historical, political, and theoretical reflection.     

Current Research Projects

I am currently working on a book on archival film practices and discourses in North America and Europe from 1980-2010. Bringing together analyses of film restoration, film heritage, and experimental found-footage films, the manuscript examines how the ruins of cinema’s past constitute an archaeology of the present and a theatre for our collective technological and political imaginary. I am also working on a second book project on class and labour in contemporary American film.


Courses Taught

CIN101 An Introduction to Cinema Studies
CIN290 Topics in Cinema Studies: The Films of Stanley Kubrick (Winter 2017)
CIN401 Topics in Cinema Studies: Anti-Hollywood
VCC309 Society and Spectacle
VCC400 Advanced Project: Media Archaeologies

Select Recent Publications

“Protesting the Future: The Dystopia of Finance in David Cronenberg’s Adaptation of     Cosmopolis.” Forthcoming in The Next Generation: Emerging Voices in Utopian        Studies. Philip E. Wegner, ed. Peter Lang Press.
“The Subject of Film Studies.” Film Criticism, 40.1.
“Film Heritage and the Cinematic Common.” Angelaki, 18.4.         
“The Virtual Metropolis: Restoration as Simulacrum.” Canadian Journal of Film Studies, 22.2.