DVS Faculty

Jill Caskey profile photo Jill Caskey, Chair & Associate Professor
Art History/Art and Art History Programs

History of Medieval Art and Architecture
O: CCT 3032  |  T: 905-569-4646  |  E: jill.caskey@utoronto.ca
Jordache Ellapen profile photo Jordache Ellapen, Assistant Professor
Undergraduate Appointment: Women and Gender Studies, Department of Historical Studies
Graduate Appointment: Women and Gender Studies Institute
Cross-appointments and Affiliations: Bonham Center for Sexual Diversity Studies (St. George) and Department of Visual Studies, UTM
O: TBA  |  T: TBA |  E: jordache.ellapen@utoronto.ca
Caylen Heckel's profile photo Caylen Heckel, Assistant Professor
Art History
O: TBA |  T: TBA  |  E: caylen.heckel@utoronto.ca
Maria Hupfield profile photo Maria Hupfield, Assistant Professor
Indigenous Digital Arts and Performance

O: CCT 3030  |  T: 905-569-4647 |  E: maria.hupfield@utoronto.ca
Kajri Jain profile photo Kajri Jain, Associate Professor
Indian Visual Culture and Contemporary Art    
O: CCT 3053  |  T: 905-569-4878  |  E: kajri.jain@utoronto.ca
Ruba Kana’an profile photo Ruba Kana’an, Assistant Professor
Islamic Art and Architecture

O: CCT 3061 | T905-569-5777 | E: ruba.kana'an@daniels.utoronto.ca
Louis Kaplan profile photo Louis Kaplan, Professor
History and Theory of Photography and New Media
O: CCT 3059 | T905-828-5411 | E: louis.kaplan@utoronto.ca
Image Placeholder for Evonne Levy profile photo Evonne Levy, Professor
Renaissance and Baroque Art and Architecture
O: CCT 3063  |  T: 905-828-3750  |  E: evonne.levy@utoronto.ca
Christine Shaw profile photo Christine Shaw, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
Director/Curator Blackwood Gallery
Curatorial Studies and Contemporary Art

O: CCT 3134A  |  T: 905-569-4650  |  E: christine.shaw@utoronto.ca
Prof. Brian Price profile photo Brian Price, Professor and Director (On Leave)
VCC and Cinema Studies Programs
O: CCT 3024  |  T: 905-828-3757  |  E: brian.price@utoronto.ca
John Ricco profile photo John Paul Ricco, Professor
Contemporary Art, Media Theory, and Criticism
O: CCT 3057  |  T: 905-828-3749  |  E: john.ricco@utoronto.ca
Professor Sarah Richardson profile photo Sarah Richardson, Assistant Professor
Premodern Asian Art and Buddhist Visual Culture
O: MN 4208 |  T: TBA  |  E: sarah.richardson@utoronto.ca
Mathew Stoddard profile photo Matthew Stoddard, Assistant Professor
Cinema Studies; Visual Culture and Communication

O: CCT 4024 |  T: 905-828-3742  |  E: m.stoddard@utoronto.ca
Meghan Sutherland profile photo Meghan Sutherland, Associate Professor (On Leave)
Film/Media Philosophy, History of American TV & Popular Entertainment, Political Theory, Continental Philosophy
O: CCT 3022  |  T: 905-828-3822  |  E: meghan.sutherland@utoronto.ca
Alison Syme profile photo Alison Syme, Associate Chair & Associate Professor
European and American 19th- and 20th-century Art
O: CCT 4028  |  T: 905-569-4877 |  E: alison.syme@utoronto.ca
Elizabeth Wijaya profile photo Elizabeth Wijaya , Assistant Professor
East Asian Cinema

O: CCT 3027 |  T: 905-569-4786 |  E: e.wijaya@utoronto.ca