Dr. Christine Shaw’s exhibition at NUIT BLANCHE 2015

NUIT BLANCHE  image 2015NUIT BLANCHE THIS SATURDAY! Visit Dr. Christine Shaw’s exhibition The Work of Wind at the waterfront.

Dr. Christine Shaw, Director/Curator of the Blackwood Gallery and a DVS faculty member, is one of the curators of this year’s Nuit Blanche event. Her show, The Work of Wind, is in a zone running along the Waterfront between Parliament Street and Harbourfront Centre.
The show features projects about elemental forces and climate change ranging in intensity according to the Beaufort Scale of Wind Force (0 – 10). Start on the “calm” side of the scale (Beaufort 0) with a serene video by Tomás Saraceno and end with “hurricane” forces (Beaufort 12) presented as an installation by Carlos Amorales of 30,000 black moths clinging to and overwhelming the walls of the Power Plant.
A feature in Now Magazine describes some of the show highlights: https://nowtoronto.com/art-and-books/nuit-blanche-2015/nuit-blanche-2015-smoke-on-the-water/.  

For more information on Nuit Blanche and on The Work of Wind see http://www.scotiabanknuitblanche.ca/2015-event/exhibitions/work-of-wind.html

Several of the artists who have created projects for The Work of Wind are also featured in the current Blackwood Gallery exhibition, The pen moves across the earth. The artists and their Nuit Blanche projects are:
Tim Knowles, presenting Dispersal Zone
Robert Wysocki, presenting Lava Field No. 2
Brandy Leary, presenting Glaciology (Brandy and her dance company Anandam Dancetheatre will also choreograph a special performance at UTM on Friday October 30th)