Carmelo Arnoldin

Studio Art (Historical Techniques, Painting, Sculpture)
visual artist (B.F.A. Mount Allison University, M.F.A., York University)

Outline of Research

Over the past twelve years, I have worked on an epic project called Mille, an architectural monument to the end of our millennium and the beginning of the next. I have conceived Mille as an archetypal home. It is an expression of the raw interaction that exists between myself and my adopted country, Canada. It is a gesture of hope, a quest for knowledge, a non-resolution and fulfillment.


Carmelo Arnoldin's first solo exhibition took place in 1984 at Mercer Union, Toronto; he has since shown his work in the Toronto region at the Garnet Press Gallery, the Art Gallery of Mississauga, and The Koffler Gallery, as well as in galleries in Canada, the United States and Italy. He has won two collaborative public art commissions: one for the Centre Hospitalier du St.-Eustache, St. Eustache, Quebec (1993); and one for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, City of Quebec (1996).

Approach to Teaching

Our students come from different homes, different social and cultural backgrounds, and have had a great variety of life experiences. Also, students are at a different point in their artistic development. I attempt to probe and be attuned to the individual student's feelings and needs. In turn, students are encouraged to help one another by discussing and exchanging ideas openly, without malice.

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