Student Work Opportunities

Fall 2020 Work Study Program

Department of Visual Studies Positions:

  • Research Assistant (Job ID 166691)
  • Land Based Art Assistant (Job ID 167050)
  • Photo Equipment Sign-Out Monitor (Job ID 166639)
  • First-Year Photography Assistant (Job ID 166646)
  • First- or Second-Year Sculpture Assistant (Job ID 166647)
  • First- or Second-Year Drawing Assistant (Job ID 166649)
  • First-Year Painting Assistant (Job ID 166650)
  • First- or Second-Year Print Media Assistant (Job ID 166684)
  • First- or Second-Year Design Assistant (Job ID 166685)
  • Annie Smith Art Centre Facility Assistant (Job ID 166686)
  • Visiting Artist Talks Transcriber and Studio Library Assistant (Job ID 166688)

Blackwood Gallery Positions:

  • Blackwood Gallery New Media Assistant (Job ID 167245)
  • Blackwood Gallery Outreach Assistant (Job ID 167223)
  • Blackwood Gallery Collections Assistant (167254)
Please visit the Career Learning Network ( to view postings and eligibility requirements, and to apply online.