DVS Sessional Instructors - 2019 Fall Term

Nikolas Drosos
VCC308H5 – Activism in Visual and Media Culture
Office Hours: Mondays 10am – 11am | CCT 4024
Email: n.drosos@utoronto.ca
Daniel Guadagnolo
VCC236H5 – North American Consumer Culture: 1890-Present
Office Hours: Fridays 12pm – 1pm | CCT 4028
Email: daniel.guadagnolo@utoronto.ca
Bernice Iarocci
FAH279H5 – Baroque Art and Architecture
Office Hours: Wednesdays 7:15pm – 8:30pm | CCT 4028
Email: b.iarocci@utoronto.ca
Rachel Kulick
FAH496H5 – Topics in Modern Art and Architecture
Office Hours: Mondays 2pm – 3pm | MN 4256
Email: rachel.kulick@mail.utoronto.ca
Steven Logan
VCC290H5 – Topics in Visual Culture and Communication
Office Hours: Mondays 1pm – 2pm or by appointment | CCT 4028
Email: se.logan@utoronto.ca

Meredith Reddy
FAH291H5F - History of Photography
Office Hours: Wednesdays 12pm – 1pm | CCT 4028
Email: meredith.inksetter@mail.utoronto.ca
Ellyn Walker
FAH310H5 – Curating Matters: Contexts and Issues in Contemporary Curatorial Practice Office Hours: Fridays 11:10am – 1:10pm, or by appointment | CCT 4024
Email: ellyn.walker@utoronto.ca