Research Award

Graduate Student Research Award

This annual award, co-sponsored by the Associate Dean, Graduate and UTMAGS, is intended to recognize excellence in research by a U of T Mississauga graduate student. Award recipient will receive $2,500.

Student Eligibility

Eligible nominees include any currently enrolled graduate student (in any professional graduate program or research-stream graduate program) who is identified in ROSI as a U of T Mississauga student and who pays U of T Mississauga student fees. (To be appropriately identified in ROSI, students need to complete and submit the SGS Affiliation Form.)

Award Criteria

Research excellence will be evaluated in terms of the degree to which the student has had an impact through contributions to his/her field of study, communicates research results effectively, and displays a mastery of his/her subject area.


Nominators should be selective in the type and amount of evidence they collect to support the nominations. A nomination dossier will generally include:

(1) A covering letter, no longer than three pages in length, summarizing and explaining the documentation, and drawing attention to the most significant points brought forward in favour of the candidate; and

(2) A report or dossier outlining the nominee's contributions and accomplishments in research, including at least two letters of support for the nomination from students, faculty, staff or alumni. The nomination letter must include contact information of the nominator.

Submit nominations to:

Graduate Student Research Award Committee
c/o Anna Reale
Office of the Dean
Room 3200-William G. Davis Building or via email at, 


All components of the nomination (nomination letter, letters of support, etc.) must be submitted together. Late submissions will not be accepted. Please submit by Wednesday, April 14, 2021.

Adjudication Committee

The adjudication committee will be chaired by the Vice-Dean Graduate or designate, and will include: Three U of T Mississauga graduate students selected by the UTMAGS executive, at least one of whom is from a professional graduate program; Two U of T Mississauga faculty selected by the  Associate Dean, Graduate, one from the Sciences, and one from the Social Sciences or Humanities; and One U of T Mississauga administrative staff person, to be selected by the Associate Dean, Graduate. In the event of a split decision in the committee, the Chair’s vote will break the tie.