Draft UTM Academic Plan

TO:                  UTM Community        

FROM:            Amrita Daniere, Vice-Principal, Academic and Dean

DATE:             June 13th, 2017

RE:                  UTM Academic Plan


Dear UTM Community:

Today I am pleased to share the draft University of Toronto Mississauga Academic Plan 2017 – 2022 which includes the Vision statement as well as identifies key priorities and goals.

In January, each academic unit was asked to submit a forward looking document that provided details about specific goals and objectives that were consistent with the shared UTM Vision.  The members of the Strategic Planning Task Force (SPTF), which consisted of a student, a librarian, and a community member as well as staff and faculty, helped advise and develop the content of the UTM Academic Plan.  We spent many hours reviewing all materials submitted and collected to establish goals and objectives, set priorities and eventually create a roadmap to implement the Vision via the Plan over the next five years.  I am especially grateful to the SPTF members for their hard work, dedication, and insights throughout this process.

In keeping with past practice, we welcome the opportunity for broad participation by faculty, students, staff, librarians and all other members of the UTM community during this Academic Planning process. Your input is greatly valued and I encourage you to share your thoughts, comments, and suggestions for the draft Academic Plan by submitting them to the following email address: academicplan.utm@utoronto.ca or doing so anonymously by using the form found at: www.utm.utoronto.ca/dean/anonymous-feedback. Please do so by July 21st, 2017.

Accompanying the Academic Plan as it proceeds though Governance in the Fall will be an Implementation Plan which we anticipate sharing as soon as possible.  It will outline established targets, reporting mechanisms, and an overall accountability framework to regularly measure progress and success in the achievement of the goals identified in the Academic Plan.

I look forward to your feedback and ongoing support as we work to create a rigorous and supportive environment for students, staff, librarians, and faculty.


Amrita Daniere