Graduate Research Workshops 2020-21

Graduate Research Workshops 2020-21

In alignment with the Academic Plan 2017, the Office of the Vice-Principal, Academic and Dean, is proud to support Graduate Research Workshops at UTM, which look to foster interdisciplinary approaches to scholarship across the humanities, social sciences, and physical sciences.

Graduate Research Workshops are intended to provide graduate students with opportunities for developing professional and academic skills that will enable new research outputs, highlight their research through community outreach, and ultimately enhance their future success in academia and beyond. In addition to opening avenues for networking between faculty and graduate students, we hope that these workshops will create opportunities for collaboration and co-authorship, particulary in disciplinary fields where sole authorship is the norm.

Every workshop is designed to accomplish three priority goals:

Create an opportunity for interdisciplinary research collaboration and intellectual discussion on a research theme of academic and social importance;

Provide an opportunity for graduate students to present research and develop research skills in a workshop environment; and

Bring expert researchers from leading universities around the world to work with graduate students and faculty to enhance research excellence.

A list of planned workshops for the 2020-21 season is provided below. Most are open to all faculty and graduate students, though some workshops may have a limited number of seats. Where an RSVP is required, please contact the faculty member in advance of the event to confirm seat availability. 

Coming soon! Please check back shortly.