UTM Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) Fellowship Program - Call for Submissions

University of Toronto Mississauga

Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) Fellowship Program

Call for Proposals

Funded by the Office of the Dean and coordinated by the Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre (RGASC), UTM’s Scholarship of Teaching & Learning Fellowship promotes research on student learning and evidence-based teaching practices across the curriculum. The focus of the Fellowship is to develop faculty members’ pedagogical expertise by providing them with the time and resources to develop and assess the impact of innovative pedagogical strategies or teaching tools (e.g., exercises, assignments, tests). The goal of this program is not only to support individual faculty members’ engagement with the scholarship of teaching and learning, but also to develop a network of Departmental SoTL experts who can support their colleagues’ efforts to improve their teaching practices through scholarly inquiry.

One Fellowship will be awarded to one faculty member in the Winter term of each academic year. Fellowships will be awarded on a competitive basis (see below for details). The terms of the Fellowship are as follows:

  • The Fellow will receive a 0.5 FCE course release from his/her regular teaching duties. This course release must be approved in advance by the Department Chair.
  • The Office of the Dean will provide additional funds, of up to $1,000, to support the research project (i.e., to hire a Research Assistant or cover other research costs). These funds may not be used to purchase equipment.
  • The RGASC will provide office space (one day per week) and administrative support for the Fellow, as required.
  • The RGASC will ensure the Fellow has opportunities for collaboration and consultation with faculty members and staff who can contribute support to the project and contribute to his/her professional development.
  • The Fellow will conduct his/her research or develop new teaching resources in collaboration with relevant RGASC faculty and staff and appropriate teaching and learning experts.
  • The Fellow and RGASC Director will create a mutually agreeable schedule of meetings (likely bi-weekly) aimed at discussing the project’s progress and next steps.
  • The Fellow will lead one Professional Development session for RGASC faculty and staff based on the project’s findings.
  • The Fellow will present his/her project during the SoTL Showcase hosted by the Teaching Learning Collaboration (TLC) each year. If appropriate, the Fellow may also be invited to develop and lead a longer TLC seminar or workshop focused on their project topic.

Eligibility: Fellows must be faculty members holding full-time appointments at the University of Toronto Mississauga. Preference will be given to faculty members who are post-tenure / continuing status, but those who have completed their interim status reviews may contact the RGASC Director to discuss a possible application.

Application Process: Interested faculty members should submit a short (maximum 750 words) proposal outlining the following:

  1. Relevant Experience: Provide a brief overview of your work in SoTL. Experience sharing Scholarship of Teaching and Learning work through publications or presentations will be considered an asset.
  2. Project Objective: Identify the specific pedagogical question your project will address.
  3. Rationale: Explain why this project is worth pursuing. Be sure to consult and reference relevant SoTL literature.
  4. Methods: Explain how you will collect your data.
  5. Timeline: Provide a brief overview of the steps your project will entail.
  6. Resources: Identify any resources you will need to complete this project. For example, will any other colleagues (e.g., librarians, instructors, Teaching Assistants, RGSAC faculty / staff) be involved in the project?
  7. Deliverables: Identify the specific outputs or deliverables associated with the project. Examples of such outputs or deliverables include a journal article, conference presentation, revised / new course resources, or new pedagogical tools or strategies.
  8. Letter of Support: All proposals must be accompanied by a signed letter of support from the applicant’s Chair.

Please email application materials to Tyler Evans-Tokaryk (tyler.tokaryk@utoronto.ca) by December 21, 2018. Proposals will be reviewed by a Committee of four faculty members including the Director of the RGASC, and one faculty member from the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Sciences. The recipient of the Fellowship will be announced by January 18, 2019.