Strategic Planning Task Force Membership

It is with great pleasure that I announce the membership of the Strategic Planning Task Force.  The Task Force is composed of faculty and staff, as well as student and community representatives who expressed a deep interest in academic issues pertaining to UTM and were active during the consultation process used in development of the UTM Vision.  

  • Mohammad Amin, Student
  • Shelley Hawrychuk, Library
  • Devin Kreuger, Office of the Vice-Principal, Research
  • Professor Joel Levine, Department of Biology
  • Professor Rhonda McEwen,  Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology
  • Professor Shivaji Mukherjee, Department of Political Science
  • Jay Nirula, Community member
  • Professor Christopher Petrakos, Department of Historical Studies
  • Professor Lindsay Schoenbohm, Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences
  • Susan Senese, Information and Instructional Technology
  • Professor Alison Syme, Department of Visual Studies
  • Sherry Yuan Hunter, Office of the Registrar

The Task Force will advise and report to the Vice Principal, Academic and Dean.  The process will be managed by Karyn Dumble, President and Principal Consultant, The Monarch Park Group and additional support will be provided by Anuar Rodrigues, Research Analyst, Office of the Dean.