Academic Departments

Academic Units & Programs

  • Anthropology
    Program Areas Offered: Anthropology (Arts), Anthropology (Science) 
  • Biology
    Program Areas Offered: Behaviour, Genetics and Neurobiology (Specialist), Biology (Specialist, Major, and Minor), Bioinformatics (Specialist), Biomedical Communications (Minor), Biotechnology (Specialist), Comparative Physiology (Specialist), Ecology and Evolution (Specialist), Molecular Biology (Specialist), Paleontology (Major) 
  • Chemical and Physical Sciences
    Program Areas Offered: Astronomy, Astronomical Sciences, Biological Chemistry, Biomedical Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science, Environmental Geoscience, Forensic Science - Chemistry, Geology, Physics 
  • Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology
    Program Areas Offered: Communication, Culture, Information & Technology; Digital Enterprise Management, Professional Writing and Communication
  • Institute for the Study of University Pedagogy
  • Economics
    Program Areas Offered: Economics, Financial Economics, Economics and Political Science, International Affairs, Human Resources and Industrial Relations (HRIR). (Please Note: The HRIR (ERMAJ1882) program is under review and will not be available for entry after August 31, 2012 (pending final decision by Governing Council). Students already in the program will be allowed to complete it.) 
  • English and Drama
    Program Areas Offered: English, Canadian Studies, Theatre and Drama Studies, Theatre, Drama and Performance Studies 
  • Language Studies
    Program Areas Offered: Education Studies, French and Italian, French Studies, Functional French, Francophone Studies, French Language and Literature, Italian, Language Teaching and Learning: French and Italian, Language Teaching and Learning: French, Language Teaching and Learning: Italian; Linguistic Studies
  • Geography
    Program Areas Offered: Geocomputational Science, Geographical Information Systems, Geography, Environmental Management, Environmental Science 
  • Historical Studies
    Program Areas Offered: Classical Civilization, Diaspora and Transnational Studies, History, History and Political Science, History of Religions, Latin American & Caribbean Studies, South Asian Civilizations, and Women and Gender Studies
  • Management
    Program Areas Offered: Commerce, Management 
  • Mathematical and Computational Sciences
    Program Areas Offered: Bioinformatics, Computer Science, Mathematical Sciences, Statistics 
  • Philosophy
    Program Areas Offered: Logic, Philosophy, Philosophy of Science 
  • Political Science
    Program Areas Offered: Political Science (Specialist, Major, Minor), Joint Programs with History and Economics 
  • Psychology
    Program Areas Offered: Behaviour, Genetics and Neurobiology, Exceptionality in Human Learning, Psychology
  • Sociology
    Program Areas Offered: Sociology, Criminology, Law and Society 
  • Visual Studies
    Program Areas Offered: Art History (Specialist, Major, Minor), Art and Art History (Specialist, Major), Cinema Studies (Minor), Visual Culture and Communication (Specialist), Visual Culture (Minor) 


  • Forensic Science
    Forensic Science including Forensic Anthropology, Forensic Biology, Forensic Chemistry, Forensic Computer Science, Forensic Psychology