Filming Requests in UTM Teaching Spaces

The Office of the Vice-Dean Teaching and Learning will be in charge of organizing the necessary forms for access to UTM teaching spaces during the summer for filming of demos or similar teaching activities. In an effort to expedite requests for filming of teaching demos on campus during the summer, we have created a very brief web form to collect initial data about the type of access needed and to get a sense of the scale of demand. This will allow us to determine if we need to pull more people into the project to fill the demand in time.

The same type of General Assessment Tool (GAT) forms and HR Excel lists that you are completing for the Administrative Re-entry process for your unit will need to be created for any filming activities on campus this summer. In good news, we will be helping you with the re-entry GATs for filming of Teaching demo activities in teaching spaces, using a range of existing GATs as templates including several kindly shared by UTSC.

Please read the guidelines below, then fill out the brief initial form (link at end). We will contact you for next steps as soon as we can, within the week after submission. When planning, please remember that the forms must go to a central approval committee and can take 2-3 weeks to approve – hence our desire to use similar templates for all requests, as much as possible.

Guidelines for the initial web form:

  • The preferred departmental contact for the request will be the unit Manager, Chair/Director, or Associate Chair/Director, as HR data about individuals involved as well as both safety and teaching-related protocols will need to be provided by the unit. The department contact will work with instructors as needed. Instructors should not be the contact.
  • This process is only for filming in spaces designed as Teaching spaces on the UTM campus. Filming in Research labs should follow the Research approval protocol. The key point is not the purpose of the video, but the space where the filming will take place.
  • The GATs for Teaching are best organized by room, or type of room.  If your unit can bundle all filming activities for various courses held in the same room or type of room in one GAT, that will be ideal. We will help with writing this up for the GAT but please try to collect information from your unit in this way, to reduce the number of GATs submitted.  For example, UTSC submitted one GAT for each teaching lab used.
  • Please provide full codes for any courses listed, including term offered.
  • Please provide a sense of the types of activities to take place. This can be very broad detail and very brief: filming of experiments; filming or still images of teaching collections; filming of equipment use for students to preview; filming of scenarios (remember, social distancing and mask use will be required); setting up of teaching kits for students in the fall; etc.  We will provide templates based on approved GATs for you to modify, but your comments will help us know what to expect.

Click here to access the form: "Request to Submit a GAT for Filming Demos in Teaching Spaces"

NOTE: This process is only for summer filming or similar access requests.