List of Events


List of CUE's Upcoming Events

Event   Date     Speaker
Seminar-UrbEnNet May 6 , 2019

Prof. Marc. Johnson.

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Growing our Green Infrastructure Symposium May 24, 2019

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Seminar-UrbEnNet May 27, 2019 

Profs. Marc Cadotte and Kenneth Welch

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Junior Naturalist Club 2018/2019 Season

Date  Event Title
Dec 1 Looking for dabbling and diving ducks
Jan 9 How does nature get ready for winter?
Jan 23 Night Hike
Jan 26 Exploring Nature in Winter
Feb 6 Welcome to the Junior Naturalist Club!
Feb 16 Connecting with Nature
Feb 20 Service Project bird houses 
Mar 6 Fun Fossil Field Trip
Mar 20 Signs of Spring
Mar 30 Behind the Scenes at the ROM
Apr 3 The Great Amphibian Hunt
Apr 13 Basic Wilderness Survival
Apr 17 Bird Watching by the Lake
May 1 Looking for Insects
May 11 The Wildflowers of Riverwood