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Virtual Seminar Series 

We are excited to announce that we will be launching a new online seminar series for 2021 focusing on short talks and informal discussions with high profile/preeminent leaders who study urban environments. The decision to launch an online seminar series was voted on at the CUE Annual Meeting in December 2020.  The topic will be: “The future of urban environments”, and the hope is to have preeminent scholars, politicians, engineers, tech experts, business leaders, philanthropists, etc., provide their vision of what urban environments can, should or will look like in the future. The format is flexible, but we want to emphasize thoughtful and engaging discussion, so short talks, panels, fireside chats are what we are aiming for, as opposed to full length seminars.

We are looking for one speaker or panel (max 3 people) per month. Please note, anyone (students, post-docs, staff, faculty, community partners) from any campus can nominate a speaker. Suggestions will be taken on a rolling basis, but for now, please kindly send your nominations and ideas by Friday, January 22, 2021 to cue@utoronto.ca. An honorarium will be offered to speakers and panel members.

Seminars 2021

There are currently no planned seminars.