ECPS Student Club


The Erindale Chemical and Physical Sciences Society (ECPS) is a student organization that offers support to the students under the Chemical and Physical Sciences Department, specifically chemistry, physics, earth science, and astronomy students at UTM.

As an organization, we have three main goals:

  1. To facilitate success in the students' academic and social lives
  2. To serve as an academic liaison that fosters positive relations between faculty, undergraduates, graduates, and alumni
  3. To increase the awareness of chemical and physical sciences into the general public

We achieve these goals through our services and by hosting different academic and social events:

  • Services offered: Past tests, ECPS merchandise, Mentorship Program
  • Events: Excel Workshops, Research Study Abroad Info Night, Career Panel in CPS, Meet the Prof Night, Meet the Grad Students Night, Science Movie Nights, Periodic Table Scavenger Hunt, Fundraisers, Exam Destressors

For more information regarding the club activities, please visit ECPS UTM Facebook Page. For any questions, email us at