Independent Studies Application Forms

Students interested in applying for an independent research course with CPS must complete the following:

  1. Contact a faculty member to be their supervisor for the course and obtain approval.
  2. Fill out the appropriate application form.
  3. Submit your application to the CPS Undergraduate Administrative Assistant via email at PDF format is preferred, but a clear image of the form may be accepted.
  4. Register for the course on ACORN.

Here are the ballot forms of the independent studies courses:

CHM485H5  Dissertation Based on Literature Research
CHM489Y5  Introduction to Research in Chemistry
CPS398H5  Teaching Opportunity Program in Sciences
CPS401Y5   Research and Development in Science Education

CPS489Y5   Introduction to Research in the Chemical and Physical Sciences (NEW! Starting Fall 2021; to replace CHM489Y5, ERS470Y5, and PHY489Y5).
ERS470Y5   Research Thesis
ERS471H5   Research Project
ERS472H5   Research Project
JCB487Y5   Advanced Interdisciplinary Research Laboratory
PHY473H5   Supervised Readings 
PHY489Y5   Introduction to Research in Physics