UTM Paleontology Club (UPC)

upcJoin the UTM Paleontology Facebook group to connect with undergraduate students, teaching assistants, graduate students, professors and professionals in Paleontology.

The UTM Paleontology Club hopes to grow the paleontology program and student community at UTM through hosting events, connecting peers/professors and assisting students with finding research opportunities in undergrad and beyond. We are planning multiple events throughout this academic year, including a ‘Meet the Paleontologists’ night, a research skills workshop series, an online scavenger hunt, among others. Fossil Fridays is one of our initiatives to expand the general paleontology education available online, involving posting facts and student fossil photography.

Our executive committee is an accumulation of Earth Science, Paleontology, and Biology students with experience in student club management and paleontological research who hope to provide insight to upcoming students in this subject area.

The UTM Paleontology Facebook group will aim to increase paleontology-focused opportunities and to:

  • find research or ROP students, 
  • post about projects, job opportunities, and scholarships, 
  • and share information about newly published research, upcoming conferences and other events.

For more information on club activities and events, visit us at the UTM Paleontology Facebook page and follow us on Instagram @utm.paleo

You can also get in touch with us via email at paleontology@utmsu.ca.