Health and Safety Training

Many  of  the  courses  are  hazard-specific  and  focus  on  industrial  hazards  that  may  be  encountered  by  the  facilities staff. However, training is also offered on broader safety topics such as Health & Safety Orientation for Employees, Office Ergonomics and Slips, Trips and Falls.

Beginning July 1, 2014, employers in Ontario must ensure that all employees (workers, supervisors, managers, directors, etc.) complete a basic occupational health and safety awareness training program. This new regulation (O. Reg. 279/13 Occupational Health and Safety Awareness and Training Regulation) applies to all employees including faculty, part-time staff, casuals and summer students.

To meet this requirement, the University is offering: EHS002 Basic Health and Safety Awareness Training which is completed through the U of T portal.  Please note you require your UTORid in order to access this training.

If you have questions about Basic Health and Safety Awareness Training or if you are interested in further training and/or would like to confirm whether you require further training given the work you do at the University, please feel free to contact our office or visit the Training Matrices (Lab Personnel or Admin & Facilities Staff) for training requirements.

The Office of Environmental Health & Safety offers health and safety training to UTM faculty, staff and students as per work and course requirements.

  • WHMIS and Lab Safety Training (EHS101): Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System for Lab Users

The WHMIS and Lab Safety Training is an online training course for those who work or study with or near hazardous materials in University wet labs. The course is a basic introduction to the labelling, training and material/safety data sheet (M/SDS) requirements of the WHMIS legislation (O.R.860).

There is also an awareness component covering some of the chemical and general lab safety hazards that you might encounter. The course does not cover specific workplace procedures or materials, but rather is intended as a starting point for the workplace specific training that is to be provided by your supervisor.

For Students &Staff with a UTORid:

Refer to this WHMIS and Lab Safety training instructions.

  • Biosafety Training
    • Laboratory Biosafety: EHS601
    • Biosafety Refresher: EHS602

EHS Biosafety staff offers this training for Permit Holders and people who did not work with biological materials previously. They also provide training for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods. Principal Investigators must ensure that all personal under their direction receive adequate training and are aware of the hazards associated with the type of work they do and of the measures they must take to protect themselves and others. EHS offers Biosafety training for all staff and students working with hazardous biological agents and materials in University laboratories.

  • Respiratory Protection Training

This half day seminar combines audiovisual and practical presentations in the proper selection, use and care of respirators. It is designed for all employees who may be required to don respiratory protection, supervisors, project managers and building supervisors who contract others to do work that may involve the use of respiratory protection.

  • Radiation Safety:
    • Radiation Safety 1st part: EHS707
    • Radiation Safety Project Student: EHS702
    • Radiation Safety Refresher Training: EHS007
  •  Laser Safety
    • Closed Beam and Low Classes Laser Safety: EHS732
    • Laser Safety Refresher Training: EHS012
  • X-ray safety Training
    • X-Ray Safety Training: EHS741
    • X-ray Safety Refresher EHS745

Training offered by EHS Radiation Protection Services regarded to Permit Holders, New people working with Radioactive Isotopes, Sealed Sources and Laboratory Specific Training.

  • The Ultraviolet Radiation Safety Program at the University of Toronto

  • First Aid – Standard First Aid Training, Level C/CPR and AED

First Aid Training is available for identified First Aiders on the St. George campus. Staff at the Mississauga or Scarborough campuses should contact their local Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) office for information.

The registration deadline is 10 business days prior to the course start date (all approved participants that have completed the fillable pdf registration form will be sent a reminder and a request to register on-line). A charge will be billed to the department of any person who registers but does not attend or cancel by 5 business days prior to the course start date.