Krull, Ulrich J.

Ph.D. | Professor | Chemistry | Biological and Bioanalytical Chemistry

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905 828 5437
905 569 4388
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3359 Mississauga Road
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L5L 1C6
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Research Areas:

Nanotechnology and fluidics for bioassays and theranostics

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Research Profile:

Luminescence from nanoparticles (NPs) can be used to interrogate selective interactions at the surface of the nanoparticles by means of resonance energy transfer to a fluorescent label that serves to transduce a binding interaction. Selectivity can be established using immobilized biomolecules on nanoparticles for interaction with proteins, peptides and nucleic acid sequences. Multiplexed solid-phase bioassays on paper-based platforms would be useful technology for rapid detection of markers for pathogens and genetically-based disease. Samples can be manipulated using microfluidics for extraction, concentrating and delivery to the detection system. Our exploration of a combination of various approaches to achieve signal enhancement have allowed use of cell phone cameras as spectrally-selective detectors. We are also exploring the use of upconversion for the photo-controlled intracellular release of drugs. In this approach the NP acts as a platform to cage the therapeutic compound, and to convert near-infrared excitation light to UV-vis emission for photolytic cleavage. The therapeutic compound can be released while the NP concurrently provides the capability to bioassay molecular markers in the sample.

Courses Taught:

CHM414H5 (undergraduate); CHM1103H, CHM1105H, CHM1152H, CHM1157H (graduate)


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