Information for Faculty, Staff & Librarians

Masked faculty and staff members conversing in classroomLast updated Friday, November 12, 2021.

On this page, you’ll find resources for UTM faculty, staff and librarians. 

Winter 2022 Update

Our plan for winter 2022 fulfills President Gertler’s goal from the spring, which prepared our community for in-person experience ahead.

In winter 2022, students, staff and faculty can expect significantly more in-person courses on the winter timetable. UTM will continue working with the experts at Peel Public Health, who support the safety of our plans for in-person activity, especially given that our region has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world. Our campus has a higher rate of vaccination still: greater than 99%! We’ll also continue to implement other science-backed safety measures. 

Smiling UCheck student ambassadors, wearing green shirtsUCheck Student Ambassadors

Our new UCheck ambassadors are friendly and helpful students in green t-shirts inquiring if community members (faculty, staff, librarians, students) have remembered to complete their UCheck health screening. After a quick glimpse of your “green screen,” the UCheck ambassadors will wave you through--and sometimes offer a yummy treat. If you’ve forgotten, they will happily walk you through the process.
UTM is a large campus, and it is not feasible to practice COVID-19 symptom checking at every entrance point. Instead, these student ambassadors are situated around campus, raising awareness and providing gentle reminders to complete the UCheck screening. This ensures that we comply with provincial legislation and maximize our public health compliance, to keep our community healthy and safe. We owe these enthusiastic students a debt of gratitude and expect that all members of our community will treat them with the respect and kindness that they deserve.
The past several months have required us to adapt in many ways and adding another habit to our daily routines is never easy. You can add a UCheck reminder to your smartphone to make sure you remember to complete the screening prior to arriving on campus. The UCheck screenings are an essential part of our safe return to campus, and our UCheck student ambassadors are a critical part of ensuring compliance and the health of our community, providing this reminder with a friendly smile. Let’s all make sure we treat them the same way.

Formats for Office Hours

In what formats can faculty hold office hours?

How faculty hold their office hours, either in-person or online, is their choice. If faculty wish to hold in-person meetings but would prefer to do so outside their office itself, they can work with their department staff to book an available classroom or meeting room through ORBS. Room bookings will require day, time and course code, as well as the planned use (i.e., ‘Office hours for ANT101’), for contact tracing purposes.

Combining Asynchronous with Synchronous Instruction

As before pre-pandemic, faculty members may choose to employ the flipped classroom teaching model, in which lectures are posted online asynchronously, with synchronous class time used as a question-and-answer period. The full number of required contact hours, as listed in the Calendar, must still be covered by class meetings.

Teaching Support

Resources and information for faculty, instructors, librarians, library staff and teaching assistants to support teaching and online learning.

Research Information

Resources, guidelines and information for researchers from UTM’s Office of V-P Research, U of T’s Division of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation and the Centre for Research & Innovation.

Working From Home

UTM's I&ITS team continues to offer remote support, tools and technology tips to help keep you safely connected while you are working from home.

Human Resources & Equity Information

Visit Working at U of T for the latest information about COVID-19 policies, guidelines and resources.

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