How to Create UCheck Reminders on Your Smartphone

University of Toronto requires all staff, faculty, students, and visitors to complete a mandatory COVID-19 self-assessment each time you visit any of our campuses.

The following guide will help you use your smartphone's geolocation capabilities to set automatic reminders to check in each time you're on campus.

Please see below for instructions based on your smartphone:

1. Open Apple’s Shortcuts app.

You can use Apple Shortcuts with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running on iOS 12 or later:

Open Apple's Shortcuts app

2. Click '+' on Automation Tap and then Create Personal Automation:

Click + on Automation Tap

Create Personal Automation


3. Click Arrive and then Location to choose Current Location or Destination. Set your Destination to your desired U of T location, and then click Done:

Click Arrive and then Location

Choose Current Location or Destination

Set your destination to your desired U of T location

4. You can select Time Range to set a specific time. Set your time range and then click Done:

Select Time Range to set specific time

Set your time range and then click Done

5. Click Add Action, then scroll down and click Show Web Page:

Click Add Action

Scroll down and click Show Web Page

6. Click URL to type Then, click Next:


Then click Next

7. Confirm to apply your settings, then click Done to finish:

Confirm to apply your settings

Click Done to finish

8. The next time you arrive on-site your iPhone will notify you to run the shortcut you created. Select Run, sign into uCheck, and complete the screening. 

Mission accomplished! You now have UCheck reminders set up on your iOS device.

1. Open the Reminder app.

Click on the '+' to create a new Reminder. Under Condition, select Place > Set conditions > Map:

Open the Reminder app

2. Set your destination to your desired U of T location, and select When I arrive at at the bottom of the screen. Then, click Done:

Set your destination to your desired U of T location

3. Name your reminder: ‘Complete UCheck’ and click Save:

 Complete UCheck

All done! You now have UCheck reminders set up on your Android device.