Frequently Asked Questions

speech bubble representing a questionWhat is the website redesign project?
UTM will be redesigning its website in the coming months.  Since our last redesign, there has been extraordinary change and development in technology, media and user expectations. An updated website needs to reflect, among other changes, modern functionalities, search engine optimization and our increasingly mobile web environment. It also must be flexible enough to remain current and useful long after it relaunches.

Who is leading this project?
The Office of Communications is working in tandem with project management services on a three-phase process. 

What steps will this project involve?
This includes planning, consultation with stakeholder groups, design with an external vendor, content population by content managers, tests and remediation, and launch. 

Will the UTM community have an opportunity to be involved in this project?
Collaboration and feedback will be a critical part of this project, and consultation will take place with multiple stakeholder groups at different stages of the process. We also encourage our community members to share their thoughts and suggestions through this webform, which will operate until the end of the consultation period.

What type ofstakeholder groups may be consulted?
You can find a list of stakeholder groups here.

How can I share my thoughts/suggestions with the project team?
All UTM community members are welcome to submit their ideas via the webform on the Office of Communications website.

When will the new site be launched?
This is a multiphase project that will involve consultation, a third-party vendor and meticulous testing, and it would be premature to estimate a completion date. However, we are conscious that the campus community is looking forward to a new website, and we will provide an update as soon as a target launch date is determined.

How can I find out more about the project?
In order to ensure that the UTM community is kept up-to-date on this important project, we will be employing multiple communication platforms including these website redesign pages, blog, social media, town hall presentation, and webform for feedback. 

Who can I contact with questions or comments?
As we proceed with this project, we look forward to your input, ideas and suggestions. If you have further questions about the website redesign, please contact Cheryl Rea, Project Manager, PMO Lead. 

I am a content manager on the existing site. What will happen to the content on my site when the new site launches?
Content managers will be responsible for backing up any content on their existing site. There may be options to migrate content automatically to the new site, but this must be determined at a later stage.

How will I know how to use the new website?
Training for this process will be provided by the project team, and ample warning will be given prior to the date when content must be migrated.

I am a content manager for the current site, and I want to request new functionalities for my existing site. What should I do?
As of May 1, 2018, we have frozen the developments of any new functionalities for the current site, to allow our web team to focus on the redesign project and to avoid using resources on work that will be overwritten. 

I am a content manager for the current site, and I want to significantly change the content and structure of my current website prior to the relaunch. What should I do?
You can still change the content and navigational structure of your site as much as you wish; however, as of May 1, 2018, we have frozen the development of any new functionalities for the current site, to allow our web team to focus on the redesign project. Please contact Nicolle Wahl with any questions, so that we can help accommodate your needs as much as possible until the new website launch.

Are we going to continue using the Drupal content management system, or are we shifting to a new system?
After careful consideration of the current system and other CMS options, the project team decided to retain Drupal as the CMS platform because:

  • UTM has in-house Drupal expertise
  • User access integration with UTORid credentials is already in place; WordPress integration is currently not functionally available
  • Drupal can support all core and priority functionalities for a large-scale, multi-site environment
  • Drupal is a highly secured system and is less vulnerable to security issues