Getting Started

Seed germinating in soil
May 4, 2018

It’s hard to believe, but the World Wide Web has been in existence for less than 30 years. The first site—a few lines of text with links to other pages—was basic and utilitarian, but three decades later, it is difficult to imagine the world without the web, enriched as it is with video, images and advanced design. At UTM, our website receives more than 14 million pageviews per year from a wide range of audiences. It acts as our front door, welcoming many visitors, providing information and simultaneously repelling malicious technical attacks.

Since our last website redesign in 2012, the web has advanced and user expectations have evolved. It is critical that our site adapts and changes to meet those needs. Over the coming months, our team will be contacting many people within the UTM community, to consult on their needs for a new website. Gathering feedback from our community will be critical to the success of this redesign, and I invite and encourage you to share your thoughts through this webform.

I hope that you are as excited about this project as I am. As Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the internet put it, “We need diversity of thought in the world to face the new challenges.” And we need your diversity of thought to create the website that UTM needs.

Keep in touch, 

Nicolle Wahl
Assistant Director, Communications (Digital)
U of T Mississauga