Website Redesign

U of T Mississauga will redesign its website in the coming months. Since our last redesign, there has been extraordinary change and development in technology, media and user expectations.

Since early March 2019, a significant shift has occurred in planning for the UTM website redesign project. Following discussions with our colleagues at St. George and UTSC, we have decided to pursue a tri-campus in-house approach to website redesign. This re-focus makes sense as all three campus websites are in need of a redesign, although our project is further along than the others. UTM’s website will be the first of the three to be redesigned.

As you may know, UTM completed a rigorous stakeholder consultation process and has embarked on a website audit. We will use these findings to collaborate with our St. George and UTSC colleagues to create a UTM website that maintains a distinctive U of T brand, while reflecting the unique nature of our campus. The redesign will also address the necessary migration to Drupal 8/9, our content management system.

With this shift in focus, our original September 2019 launch is not feasible. However, UTM’s Office of Communications and I&ITS will be working diligently with tri-campus colleagues on a revised website plan and timeline.