How to write a Creative Brief

Download the PDF version of How to write a Creative Brief template

Elements to include when writing a Creative Brief.






Include a bit of background on your faculty, any marketing you've done in the past, etc. Why you need what you need (e.g. new add, new campaign).


Business Objective(s)

If these have a bearing on the project, otherwise leave blank.


Creative Objective(s) - the problem to be solved

One, max two, objective (e.g. to raise awareness, to stimulate applications, etc.).


Target Audience

Be very specific (e.g. prospective students aged 15-18, key opinion formers, etc.).


Consumer Need/Insight

If you have any market research re: your target audience and if there is any real insight, note it here. Otherwise, leave blank.


Catalyst for Change

  • What will move people from the current state to the new state?
  • What are you offering your audience that will encourage them to do what you want them to do? (e.g. new programme, new superstar professor, etc.)


Key Message

What is the ONE message you want people to take away from your ad/brochure/etc.?


Other Messages

What are the one or two other messages that will appear?


Brand Positioning/Proposition

Something unique, credible, and relevant about your faculty.



Professional, friendly, accessible.


Tactical Requirements

The specific items you are looking for (e.g. 3 print ads, 2 brochures, 5 online banners, etc.).


Executional Considerations

  • Follow the University of Toronto Visual Identity standards
  • Any other information that should appear (e.g. URL, Address, a call to action, etc.)



Fill in as required.



Include all key dates from briefing to concept review to approvals to printing.