Email Signature Guidelines

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Your e-­mail signature, sometimes called a signature block, is a way to efficiently convey all necessary contact information to each person you e-mail. They serve as effective marketing pieces and—most importantly—they make it easy for people to reach you.


University of Toronto Mississauga Email Signatures

There are two formal email signature options for the UTM community.

Steps to customize your email signature:

  • Select the email signature template you would like to use below.
  • Insert your information into the spaces as directed from the UTM Email Signature template.
  • When editing the URL, make sure to hyperlink the web address.
  • Review your information to ensure accuracy and then select and copy your new email signature, including the graphics.
  • Paste your email signature into the signature form field in the Outlook app. Make sure you recheck all of the content for accuracy and that it appears as it does below. Check the spacing, placement of images, etc. You may need to make minor manual edits.
  • Send yourself a test email to ensure all information, spacing, and placement of images is correct. 

Helpful tips:

  • Do not change the font or font size.
  • Ensure your name is in all caps.
  • We strongly recommend updating your signature through the Outlook app rather than the web version for the features and functionality available to you.
  • Specific instructions for adding an email signature will depend on the mail client you use. The University’s default email client is Outlook. Please read the instructions on adding an email signature to Outlook.
  • Set your email format to HTML mode to ensure graphics are displayed correctly. 

There is also another Defy Gravity email template available on the Brand Portal website.

If you encounter any issues, please contact


UTM Formal Signature – Option 1

Use this formal email signature for all initial email communications (including for external use)

Note: Make sure to include the blue dash when you copy your email signature.

email signature option 1



Simplified Signature — Option 1

Use this simplified signature for ongoing email discussions to reduce the length and clutter in an 
email chain. 

Note: A simplified email signature should never replace a formal email signature. Make sure to include the blue dash when you copy your email signature.

email signature simplified

Download the UTM Email Signature template


For more information please contact: Patricia Lonergan, Interim Director, Marketing and Communications, Office of Communications