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Summer/Part-Time Work

Your summer and part-time jobs can do more than make you money; they can also help you develop marketable skills and gain valuable experience. The key to landing a fabulous job is simple: get started early. Many of the best part-time positions are filled by early September and may great summer positions get filled in January or February!

Although it can be tempting to put off looking for a summer job until later in the term, investing a little time and effort into your job search early on can be the difference between landing just an ordinary summer job or having an amazing summer experience.

Summer Employment Programs (PDF)

Summer Job Search Tipsheet


Step number one is to prioritize your goals. Do you need to make money? Want to have a fun summer? Gain career-related experience? Once you have a clear idea what you are hoping to get out of your work experience it is much easier to target your job search.

Identify opportunities

Attend the Summer Job Fair in January, check out the part-time and summer job postings listed on CLN, or look into summer employment programs that are run by the government (see web links below).

Keep in mind that only 20% of jobs ever get advertised so you will need to use your network to identify hidden job opportunities. Get started by talking to people you already know about the kinds of job you are hoping to get. You may be surprised by all the great leads you can get from your contacts.

Government employment programs

  • FSWEP is the program through which most federal departments and agencies recruit students for about 8,000 summer and part-time student jobs each year
  • The Ontario Government offers a number of programs; please visit the link to find more info.

On-Campus summer jobs

  • Many on-campus summer and part-time opportunities exist on campus. Some professors, especially in science, hire students to work on research projects over the summer. Approach faculty after class or speak to them during office hours in mid-March.

Market yourself

Identify what skills you have to offer employers. Polish your resume so that it is up to date, is tailored to the specific position you want, and highlights your skills and accomplishments. To get some help with this, attend our Resume and Cover Letter workshop or visit our online Resume Toolkit. You may also want to develop a “script” for contacting potential employers directly in which you clearly explain what you are looking for and what you have to offer.

Workshops & events

We offer a number of events and workshops to help you find summer and part-time work including, Finding Part-Time Work, Summer Job Search, Internship Panel, Career Fairs.


Going Abroad Tipsheet (PDF)

Career Resource Library

There are a number of useful employer directories in our Career Resource Library -- an excellent resource that students rarely use! These directories list company contact information and profiles organized by the type of people they tend to hire, including for summer and part-time work.


Part-time/summer work opportunities