Recruitment Event: On-Campus Opportunities (Fall)



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Event Format

Date: Sep 13, 2021 (Monday)
Time: 11am - 1pm EST
Location: Online (Zoom meeting)

11:00 a.m. Opening remarks
11:05 a.m. Presentation: Why Participate in the Work Study Program
11:15 a.m. Presentation: What is the CCR and How to Get Recognized
11:20 a.m. Employer introductions
11:40 a.m. Networking in breakout rooms
12:57 p.m. Closing remarks

The event will begin with presentations on the Work Study Program and the Co-Curricular Record (and why you don't want to miss out on these opportunities!).

Then, the participating organizations will have 3-minute introductory presentations in the main room.

During networking, each organization will be assigned their own breakout room. You may join as many different breakout rooms as you'd like.


Why Attend

  • Connect with hiring managers from 5+ UTM student services and academic departments in a small group setting.
  • Explore a range of available work study jobs, part-time jobs, and volunteer opportunities.
  • Have your questions answered by recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Develop your networking skills and build relationships.
  • Receive a preparation guide simply by registering.
  • Opportunity to WIN prizes!


Who Can Attend

Open to University of Toronto students from all years and programs of study. Registration is required to receive access link and preparation guide.


Participating Employers

1. Accessibility Services


Organization Description: Accessibility Services provides services and academic accommodations to University of Toronto students who have a documented disability or medical condition. Services and supports available include disability advising, test and exam accommodations, learning strategy support, note-taking services, assistive technologies, and more. Accessibility Services is looking for reliable volunteers to serve as note-takers this academic year. Volunteer note-takers play an important role in supporting students with disabilities achieve their academic goals.

Types of Opportunities: Volunteer

Number of Positions: 500+

Hiring for: 

  • Volunteer Note-taker
    Note-takers are responsible for taking organized and detailed lecture notes and uploading them to the note-taker database on a timely and consistent basis.



2. Centre for Student Engagement


Organization Description: The Centre for Student Engagement is committed to facilitating student learning and development inside and outside of the classroom, on campus and in the local community. Through our programs, services, and resources, we provide opportunities that empower students to shape their own experience and contribute to their community.

Types of Opportunities: Work Study, Part-Time, Volunteer

Number of Positions: 100+

Hiring for: 

The Centre for Student Engagement hires over 100 roles for students each academic year across the following job families: 

  • Mentorship & Facilitation 
  • Community Engagement Program Development 
  • Student Engagement Program Development
  • Student Group Support
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Research

We also have a tonne of opportunities to volunteer in the community and be sure to learn more about our internship program LAUNCH!



3. Department of Psychology


Organization Description: 

Psychology at the University of Toronto Mississauga is an experimental discipline situated within the life sciences and devoted to the understanding of behaviour. Our faculty complement includes scientists who study: personality, social behaviour, development, abnormal behaviour, cognition, perception, behavioural neuroscience.

Types of Opportunities: Work Study, Part-Time, Volunteer

Number of Positions: 8

Hiring for: 

  • Weekend Research Assistant
    Primary responsibilities include behavioural coding, subject recruitment, and testing participants with standardized assessments as well as play-based assessments. To be eligible for this position you must be available to work on weekends (8 hours). 

  • Weekday Research Assistant
    Primary responsibilities include behavioural coding, subject recruitment, and testing participants with standardized assessments as well as play-based assessments. To be eligible for this position you must be available to work on evenings (8 hours). 



4. Department of Recreation, Athletics & Wellness


Organization Description: As the Department of Recreation, Athletics and Wellness, provides a wide range of opportunities to UTM students, faculty, staff and the surrounding community support equity and diversity while welcoming our diverse community to participate in physical activity. We foster an environment of respect and fairness that promotes individual pride and UTM spirit while developing a wide range of opportunities for student leadership in support of our programs from fitness, sports, aquatics and much more. 

We play an integral role in the learning environment of the university campus and community life!

Types of Opportunities: Work Study, Part-Time

Number of Positions: 2-5 per role

Hiring for: 

  • UTM Intramurals Game Managers
    Supervises and ensure all UTM Intramurals games and/or events run smoothly and on time for our participants. Sports & Activities can include, Cornhole, Basketball, Soccer, Spikeball, and more.
  • UTM Intramurals Referees
    Officiates UTM Intramurals sport and knows and understands UTM Intramurals sport specific rules and regulations for sports such as Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, and more.
  • RAWC Facility Attendant
    RAWC Facility Attendants provide a variety of RAWC facility related services in a highly customer service oriented environment; assisting with cleaning and maintenance, monitoring spaces for the health and safety, setting up, dismantling and storing equipment, cleaning and maintenance, and attending to other facility needs.



5. Facilities Management & Planning - Grounds


Organization Description: Our mission is to effectively serve the needs of the campus community for the development, space allocation, renovation, operation and maintenance of all infrastructure, facilities and related services. 

The Grounds is responsible for the following: Campus cleaning detail, Sign installation, Campus landscaping, Campus hardscapes and exterior fixtures, Event setups, and more.

Types of Opportunities: Part-time

Number of Positions: 5

Hiring for: 

  • Grounds Service Workers
    Working with full-time Grounds staff maintaining the campus exterior, including; gardens, shrub beds and seasonal planters; turf care (cutting and trimming lawns, irrigation and sports field maintenance) campus cleaning detail, sign installation; event set up and clean up; leaf pick up in fall, snow and ice removal in winter.



6. International Education Centre


Organization Description: The International Education Centre (IEC) is dedicated to providing support for global students connected to the University of Toronto Mississauga.

Types of Opportunities: Work Study, Volunteer

Number of Positions: 15

Hiring for: 

  • Various opportunities available. Details coming soon.





Organization Description: The University of Toronto Mississauga Students' Union (UTMSU) represents over 15,000 full time and part time undergraduate students at UTM. The UTMSU provides members with cost-saving services, runs educational advocacy campaigns and host fun events to improve campus life.

Types of Opportunities: Part-Time

Number of Positions: up to 30

Hiring for: 

  • Poll Clerks
    Help with the promotion and execution of the UTMSU Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 elections.  
  • Orientation Coordinators
    Spearhead the planning and implementation of Orientation.
  • UTMSU Part-Time Staff (different portfolios)
    The UTMSU hires associates and coordinators to help support specific executive portfolios. They plan events, carry out research, lobby the local administration and implement campaigns at UTM. 


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