QSS Career Centre Services Feedback Form



Each year, through the Quality of Service to Students (QSS) Process, the Career Centre gathers feedback from students regarding our services.

There are two ways to provide feedback:

(1) Students are invited to attend the QSS meetings (date below) or

(2) Students can fill out the feedback form below.

All students (undergraduate and graduate) along with recent alumni are welcome. We invite you to participate. 

This year the meeting is:

Thursday, Oct. 20, 2022 (9:00am - 10:30pm EST) in person or virtually

To register for this session, please email sas.utm@utoronto.ca  

2022 QSS Webform

What Services have you used at the Career Centre (please check all that apply)
What Services have you used at the Career Centre? (please check all that apply)
Other Services (please specify)
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