Resume - Write Accomplishment Based Points

Accomplishment based points are what tells the employer what you can do for them based on previous experience. Find an example of something you achieved and are proud of. Think about what skills, knowledge or traits are illustrated by it. Compare with the employer’s requirements on your match analysis table.

Remember you want examples to demonstrate the qualifications the employer is seeking. To prepare your example for the resume:

  1. Think about the actions or steps you took. Be sure to break down larger more general verbs into specific actions. Example: “Communicated” can be described as “listened, questioned and provided recommendation”. It takes more words but gives a clearer picture of your skill set or of how you approached the situation than a single generic verb. Here's a link to action verbs.
  2. Find your results. Everything we do ultimately has a result but we don’t always think of it that way. Example: Retail sales clerk should be able to describe results such as “increased sales”, “improved customer satisfaction’;” received commendation from manager”. What if you ran a campaign as a club member on campus? Perhaps your work increased attendance at a function? Or raised more sponsors (money) than previous years?
  3. Write your accomplishment in one to two sentences. Don’t worry about increasing the length of your resume; if you keep your bulleted points down to 3-5 accomplishment statements for each job or project, your resume will meet length expectations.

Accomplishment-based examples:

Poor Example
Met with clients and resolved concerns

Better (accomplishment–based) example
Managed client questions and concerns by understanding their needs, researching alternatives and providing solutions. Resulted in service commendation from manager

Poor Example
Member of 4th yr project team to develop investment policy guidelines and profitability model

Better (accomplishment–based) example
Created, as part of a 4 th yr project team of three, detailed investment policy guidelines, a profitability model and communications strategy for fictitious mutual fund. The project was awarded an A+.

Which of the above would you prefer if you were an employer? More help required? See our professional Career Counsellors or Employment Advisors.