P.A.R.T. - Preparing for an ROP, Sessions 1 & 2

P.A.R.T. - Program for Accessing Research Training

For full details on P.A.R.T. and to register for sessions, please visit http://www.utm.utoronto.ca/asc/part-program-accessing-research-training

P.A.R.T. - Preparing for an ROP

* This two-session module contains the only P.A.R.T. workshops facilitated by the Career Centre. Students must attend both sessions.

Session 1

Hands on workshop to learn how to prepare and tailor a resume and cover letter to be a successful applicant for an ROP.  In order to make this as beneficial as possible, participants should bring their own resume to work on in session.

Session 2

Practice how to articulate your experiences to an ROP supervisor in an interview to be successful in the ROP selection process.

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